“Success is the journey rather than destination”

K.L.E. Society’s Gurusiddappa Kotambri Law College, Hubballi


The college has a very strong Alumni Association. The association regularly conducts National/State level workshops, moot courts, legal aid camps, guest lectures etc.

College is well aware of the potential of the alumni, who

  • Act as a bridge between the college and the profession.
  • Are the source of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities of the college.
  • Contribute in the process of image building.
  • Constitute a reservoir of wisdom and experience.
  • Broaden the community base of the college.


Alumni Association Scholarship of Rs. 200=00 per month for those who secure 60% or more in the II, IV & VI Semesters. They are designated as scholars of G. K. Law College.

Prominent Positions held by Alumni

Alumni Meet

S.No. Date Position
1. 26th February 2022 Alumni Office bearers meeting was conducted on 26th February 2022. Shri. B. S. Kori, Attender was felicitated by Alumni on his superannuation.
2. 31st March 2022 Alumni Meet

Following Alumni are selected as Civil Judges

S.No. Name Year
1. Shri. Kenchanagouda R. Patil 2016-17 Batch
2. Shri. Basavaraj Poojar 2015-16 Batch
3. Shri. Abhinay Rajeshwarkar 2012-13 Batch
4. Smt. Nirupama Renakappa Dhang 2011-12 Batch

Judicial Officers

S.No. Name Position
1 Smt. Shridevi Angadi Registrar, Karnataka State Consumer Commission, Bangalore.
2 Smt. Maheshwari. Hiremath Civil Judge (J.D).
3 Shri. T. M. Jiture Lokayukta. In BLR.
4 Miss. Renuka Raikar JMFC, Hangal
5 Shri. Chandrashekar Diddi Civil Judge, Holenarasipur.
6 Shri. Satish Bali Registrar, Court Of small cases, Bangalore
7 Smt. Laxmi N. Garag Civil Judge, Tumkur
8 Shri. Karan Gujjar Asst. Public Prosecutor
9 Smt. Govindamma Eda Asst. Public Prosecutor
10 Hon’ble Mrs. Justice K. S. Mudagal Judge, High Court of Karnataka
11 Smt. Ashwini Shriyannavar District Judge
12 Shri. Chandrashekar Banakar Civil Judge
13 Smt. T. K. Priyanka Civil Judge
14 Smt. Sumalatha Bennikal Civil Judge
15 Smt.Amruta Bangarshettar Civil Judge
16 Shri. Santosh Daivajna Civil Judge
17 Shri. Harish Jadhav Civil Judge
18 Shri. Siddalingesh Gangadharmath Civil Judge
19 Smt. Jyoti Patil Civil Judge
20 Kumari. Roopa S. Chinivar Civil Judge


Sl. No. Name Position
1 Shri. Jagadish Yadwad Supreme Court Advocate
2 Smt. A. Aghanashinikar. Advocate, High Court of Karnataka.
3 Shri. Prashant Kalasoor Advocate, High Court of Karnataka.
4 Smt. Sunita Kalasoor Advocate, High Court of Karnataka.
5 Shri. B. S. Sajjan Advocate, High Court of Karnataka.
6 Shri. Shantalingayya Mathapati Advocate, High Court of Karnataka.
7 Shri. M. B. Hiremath Advocate, High Court of Karnataka.
8 Miss. Seema Naik Advocate, High Court of Karnataka.
9 Smt. Asha Nataraj Advocate, Hubli.
10 Shri. L. M. Sheelavant Advocate, Hubli.
11 Shri. S. S. Gundi. Advocate, Hubli.
12 Shri. V. B. Nadagaddi. Advocate, Hubli.
13 Smt. Nirmala Sutagattimath. Advocate, Hubli.
14 Shri. Lingaraj Desai Advocate, Vice-President, ZP, Koppal.
15 Smt. Shobha Avalakki. Advocate, Hubli.
16 Shri. Basavaraj Tangai Advocate, Hubli.

Heads of the Institution

Sl. No. Name Position
1 Prof. (Dr.) Chidanandreddy S Patil Dean & Director KSLU, Hubballi
2 Smt. Veena M. Tonapi Principal, J.S.S. Sakri Law College, Hubli.
3 Dr. Sharada G. Patil Principal, G K Law College, Hubballi

Lecturers of Law Colleges

Sl. No. Name Position
1 Shri. S. T. Murshillin K.L.E’s S. A. Manvi Law College,Gadag.
2 Smt. Swapna Somuyaji KLE Society’s G K Law College, Hubballi
3 Shri Shivkumar S. Patil Hurkaddi Ajja Law College, Dharwad.
4 Smt. Deepa Andanimath Faculty, Savitribai Phule Pune University
5 Smt. Preeti Kasturi KLE Society’s G K Law College, Hubballi
6 Dr. Pankaja J. C. R. L. Law College, Davanagere


Sl. No. Name Position
1 Shri. S. G. Biradar. Commissioner H.D.M.C. Hubli
2 Shri. Kuwarkar Commissioner of Sales Tax
3 Shri. Bongale Income tax officer
4 Shri. M. A. Pasha. Sales Tax Commissioner, Mangalore.
5 Shri. V. G. Irkal. Income Tax officer
6 Shri. S. R. Bhandage. Income Tax officer
7 Shri. K. W. Jamadar Income Tax officer
8 Dr. Jagadish N.H.O.D. VIMS Bangalore.
9 Shri. V. S. Muchchandi Circle Inspector(Traffic), Hubli.


Sl. No. Name Position
1 Shri. V. K. Mangalwedhekar II Rank, I LL.B April 1976
2 Shri. F. S. Shirur II Rank, I LL.B. October 1976
3 Shri. D. M. Shanbag I Rank, I LL.B. October 1977
4 Smt. Zahida Asif II Rank, II LL.B. April 1978
5 Smt. Suryakanti Pai II Rank I LL.B. April 1979
6 Smt. Veena M. Tonapi II Rank, II LL.B. April 1983 and I Rank, III LL.B. April 1984
7 Smt. A. P. Aghanishikar II Rank, I LL.B. April 1994.
8 Dr. Jagadish N. III Rank II LL.B. April 2001
9 Shri. M. B. Hiremath I Rank III LL.B. May 2005
10 Miss. Shraddha D. Pujar III Rank, III LL.B. May 2007
11 Shri. Ajit S. Parwatikar II Rank, III LL.B. May 2010 and S. S. Alur Gold Medal for Contract.
12 Ms. Preeti J Kasturi, Secured 8th Rank at KSLU, 2011-12 Batch
13 Miss. Chandana Patil, Secured 6th Rank at KSLU, 2017-18 Batch


Academic Year Dates
2021-22 26th Febeuary 2022
31st March 2022
2014-15 10th August 2014
8th May 2015
2015-16 10th August 2015
19th May 2016
2016-17 25th August 2016
04th March 2017
2017-18 11th November 2017
2018-19 26th November 2018
12th January 2018
2019-20 26th January 2020
22th February 2020
2020-21 2nd October 2020


  • Alumni meet & get-together was organized on 22nd February 2020. In this meet the distinct alumni Adv. M.B.Hiremath, Adv Guru Hiremath, Adv. Seema Naik, Dr. Pankaja T.C., Asst. Public Prosecutor Govindamma, Smt. Preeti Kasturi, Kum. Ranjana and Kum. Nikita Muchchandi were felicitated for their achievement in various fields of law and new office bearers were elected.