“Success is the journey rather than destination”

K.L.E. Society’s Gurusiddappa Kotambri Law College, Hubballi

NAAC – Best Practices & Institutional Distinctiveness

Two best practices successfully implemented by the institution as per NAAC formate and Institutional Distinctiveness.

First Best Practice

1. Title of the Practice:

Enhancing mooting skills

2. Objective of the practice:

The process of becoming learned advocate is a career-long journey that begins in Law College through various clinical courses.

  • To provide student-advocates better opportunities to advance their careers which teaches advocacy skills to solve legal problems?
  • To enable learning through effective participation in moot court, client interviewing, debate, negotiation and mock parliament competitions.
  • To provide skills, knowledge of law and practical learning through experiential learning.
  • To enhance the students’ soft skills such as communication, fluency in language, presentation, organizing skill, leadership skill so as to prepare them for the profession.

Moot court also teaches students professionalism and ethics, to apply law to fact, to structure and rank a legal argument by strength, and not to assert losing propositions. It provides opportunities to improve their legal writing, legal research, and oral advocacy in a competitive environment that prepares students for a competitive world. Every student competitor “will be a better lawyer, and a better person, because of the moot court experience.

3.The Context:

The clinical education is an integral part of the legal education system which transforms law students into social engineers. The traditional curriculum designed was found to be insufficient in enhancing the professional and legal skills of the student as the same is done only in final year. Therefore the need was felt by the institution to drive the students to take part in the activities from the very beginning of the first year to actuate the inquisitive minds of the students.

Moot court is an activity through which all the essential skills are inculcated in budding lawyers. Moot Court course, teach students to think like lawyers, a skill fundamental to practicing law and a necessary attribute to the good administration of justice. That thought process requires law students to read and write in a new language, the language of the law. But instead of thinking, speaking, and writing in legal jargon, “thinking like a lawyer” involves understanding how asking and answering questions can address and resolve uncertainties and ambiguities.

4.The Practice :

The College has constituted a Moot Court Committee comprising faculty members and students to promote the advocacy skills among the students. At the beginning of the every academic year, the committee prepares its action plan for conducting, hosting and sending the moot court teams in different competitions such as national moot court competitions, trial advocacy, client counseling, judgment writing, legal drafting competitions etc. Every year the Moot Court Committee conducts moot court orientation programmes to familiarize the students with court manners and procedure.

College organizes intra-college moot court competition in the first month of academic year to select the panel of mooters to represent the college in different competitions across India funded by the college. The institution provides complete monetary support to the participants by paying the competition registration fee, transportation charges, documentation, food and other miscellaneous charges. Apart from the regular moot competitions college conduct Annual moot court competition every year at the end of the academic year. The extended activities leave a positive impact on the students by way of exposure to ground realities and overall picture how to present and argue the case. This activity helps the students to promote research skill and other necessary skill which is required for the legal profession. College regularly conducts Inter class moot court, annual moot court, national moot court competitions and also organizes negotiation competitions, mock parliament to provide a platform towards enhancement of advocacy skills through creativity and objective thinking. Through the medium of moot court students are taught how to refer various law journals to search the relevant cases, how to quote citations, training on how to present the case and rebutting the case and guidance on preparing of memorials improves their drafting skills.

The institution gives importance to the clinical courses such as Professional Ethics, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Drafting, Pleading and Conveyances along with the theory subjects to enhance mooting skills. Students of first year are compulsorily taken for the High Court visits and sometimes Supreme Court visits to motivate students for the participation in Moot Court Competition. Students in their final year will be required to regularly visit the chambers of advocates, prepare reports of cases, pleadings and various applications that they come across. Further, students undergo moot court training exposing them to the practical aspects of litigation skills, group discussions, drafting/oratory skills, client interviews.

College is the member of the KLE Law Academy where the Academy conducts moot court competition every year in the member college. In the year 2019-20 our students participated in five virtual national level moot court competitions. College always encourages the students to demonstrate their potentiality in such competitions and sends students to observe court proceedings at Trial Courts, District Courts and High Court which is helpful to the students to develop their argumentative skills, presentation skills, research skills and gaining knowledge about court etiquettes,. College has constituted a Moot Book Bank to encourage the students to do research and participate in Moot Court Competition.

5.The Evidence of success:

A positive change in overall personality of students, wherein impact can be seen in their improved communication skills, overcoming stage fear, better appreciation of law. Students of our College have participated and consistently given better performances in Law Fests and other online moot court competitions organized by other law colleges across India. The students today, along with participating in moot court competitions also take part in other events such as debates, mock parliament, judgment writing, seminars etc. For the last five years, the rate of participation as well as the prizes bagged by the students in various competitions have raised due to the training provided to them by the college, which has boosted their confidence and motivated them to try harder. Instances where students have participated are:

  • Mr. Abhinandan Hiremath, 2nd LL.B., Mr. Sharat Darabare, 3rd LL.B., Miss. Ankisha Rathod, 1st LL.B. participated in 22nd S. C. Javali Memorial National Moot Court Competition held at Sir Siddappa Kambli Law College, Hubballi, on 20th October 2019.
  • Dr. Devaraj Raichur, Ms.Sharada Valamannavar & Mr.Sushil Jadhav.of 3rd Year LL.B. participated in the Kannada Moot Court Competition held at KSLU, Hubli.held on 23rd & 24th .November 2019.
  • Miss. Aishwarya Neelakari, 2nd LL.B., Miss. Tejashwini Khona, 2nd LL.B., Miss. Chaitali Makhawana, 1st LL.B. participated in 10th M.K. Nambiyar Memorial National Level Moot Court Competition held at R.L. Law College, Belagavi, on 13th -15th March 2020.
  • Mr. Abhinandan Hiremath, 2nd LL.B., Mr Akshay Kalyanshetti,II yrand Mr. Muralidhar Sajjanshettar III Yrparticipated in online moot court competition organized by Vaikuntha Baliga Law College Udupi on 19th and 20th August 2020.
  • Mr. Nikhil Zituri, Miss Ankisha Rathod and Mr.Shankar Yalamali of II Yr LL.B. participated in online moot court competition organized by Ramaiha Law College.Bangaluru on 28th,29th and 30th August 2020.

Inter Class Moot Court competition was conducted on 13 & 14.09.2019. Shri. S. S. Patil, Asst. Prof. Hurakadli Ajja Law College, Dharwad, Smt. Vijayalaxmi Patil, Asst. Prof. JSS Sakri Law College, Hubballi and Shri. M. G. Malwade, Senior Advocate, Hubballi were moot judges.

6. The problems encountered and resources required

Constraints encountered are paucity of time wherein students cannot completely devote their time due to presence of other academic activities also. Due to the language barrier, most of the rural students were not readily participating in the Competition. However the institution overcame this difficulty by motivating them to involve themselves as moot court officers in moot sessions, researchers and mooters. To further boost their confidence, senior students motivated them by sharing their mooting experiences, tips regarding research and mooting. This eventually built their skills and helped them to be better prepared to participate in the competitions.

Second Best practice

1. Title of the practice:

“Sound mind in a healthy body’.
Overall Development of Students through Sports.

2. Goal

Promotion of physical activity for the students should start from their childhood. The institution and parents should play a crucial role in making the student identify himself in any sports field of his choice. So that student can persuade the same as life time relaxant activity. The sports and games in college play an important role in providing meaningful education to the students. It secures the benefit of organized physical activity which is very much needed in modern living. It increases the self esteem and mental alertness of the students. KLE Society always believed that physical education should be combined with benefits of academics.

3. Context:

Majority of our students hail from rural background and their energy can be rightfully channelized through the sports activities making them self confident and goal oriented. It empowers youth and promotes feeling of well being among youngsters. It motivates the students to compete and excel. The competitive spirit might also inspire the students to do well in studies/academics. The numerous physical benefits including maintaining a healthy weight, preventing chronic diseases, obesity and learning the skills necessary to maintain a healthy life style, even after the completion of education. Participation in sports activities help to develop a feeling of unity among the students.

Practice: Right at the time of admission, the college ascertains the sports aptitude of the student and suggests an appropriate sports form or game to follow along with the academics from indoor to outdoor games. The management has appointed a well qualified experienced fulltime Physical Education Director to train and guide the students in sports activities. The Physical Director, taking in to consideration the interest talent and capability of a student, suggests the sports event which is most appropriate for him. The regular training and practice commences right from the beginning of the academic year along with academic activities. Periodical intra and interclass matches are held, to assess the progress of the individual student. The management spares no efforts to provide the necessary facilities, for the sports activities. The institution plans and provides sports material needed for the various activities, to facilitate faster and professional level of learning. The college is taking the help from the sister institutions to provide further facilities to the students. KLE Technological University has a sophisticated modern sports complex which is of international quality. It provides an excellent opportunity to our students to train themselves and excel. Our sister institution also possesses a state of art modern indoor sports complex providing an excellent venue for the students to get trained. The necessary budgetary allocations too are made at the beginning of academic year.

4. Evidence of Success:

Recognizing our outstanding performance and excellent infrastructure the university has entrusted the responsibility of conducting the major University Level Tournaments in our college. Since the inception of Karnataka State Law University out of 105 affiliated law colleges, our college holds the honour of organizing, four major University Level Tournaments:

  • Organized KSLU Inter Collegiate Men Volley Ball Flood Light Tournament – 2014-2015.
  • Organized KSLU Inter Collegiate Men & Women Cross Country Competition 2016-17.
  • Cricket Tournament in the year 2018-19.

Adequate infrastructure facilities have been provided for students to take part in sports, games and other extra curricular activities and we are regularly conducting university level inter collegiate sports competitions.

Indoor Facilities

Facilities Area/Size Year of Establishment
Badminton Court (Wooden) 25.10 X 9.10 Mtrs 1948
Table Tennis Room 5.30 X 9.10 Mtrs 1948
Carom Area 20.50 X 2.45 Mtrs 1948
Multi Gym (18 station) 12.50 X 5.50 Mtrs 1948
Weightlifting set 85 1948
Dumbbells 16 Pair 1948
Chess (10 Nos ) 2.65 X 3.05 Mtrs 1948

Outdoor Facilities

Tennikiot Ground 30.00 X 60.00 Mtrs 1948
Throw Ball Court 60.00X 100.00 Mts 1948
Handball Court 20.00 X 40.00 Mtrs 1948

Utilizing all these facilities our students grab many medals and university blues in the year 2019-20.

University Blues

Mr. Laxman Lamani, III Yr. LL.B. secured I Place & became University Blue in KSLU Inter Collegiate Cross Country Competition & Selections Trials organized by Saraswati Law College, Chitradurga on 22nd & 23rd August 2019.
Miss. Aishawrya Ambali, II Yr. LL.B. secured III Place & became University Blue in KSLU Inter Collegiate Cross Country Competition & Selections Trials organized by Saraswati Law College, Chitradurga on 22nd & 23rd August 2019.
Miss. Nayana Rashinkar selected as University Blue in Chess on 31st August 2019.
Mr. Praveen Gabbur, II LL.B. selected as University Blue in Cricket
In Athletics following students have been selected as University Blues:
Mr. Lakshman Lamani, III LL.B.: Athletics
Mr. Prasad Naik, I LL.B.: Athletics
Mr. Mohd. Moshin, I LL.B.: Athletics
Miss. Aishwarya Ambli, II LL.B.: Athletics
Miss. Akshata , I LL.B.: Athletics
Team Championship:
Mr. Siddalinesh Tenginkai, 2nd LL.B., Mr. Sachin Patil, 1st LL.B., Mr. Pavankumar Chalageri, 3rd LL.B. and Mr. Nagaraj V Bhagwat, 3rd LL.B. bagged Team Championship in KSLU Inter Collegiate Shuttle Badminton Tournament held at VSR Law College, Ballary on 4th and 5th October 2019.
Khelo India University Games
Miss. Akshata, 1st year LL.B. KSLU university blue secured 3rd position in “Athletics” in “Heptathlon” event in the Khelo India University Games held in Odisha from 22nd February to 1st March 2020

5. Problems encountered and resources required:

Some students have pre-conceived notion that they are not athletic and are not capable of playing any games. Due to the modern lifestyles quite a few of the students suffer from obesity and do not want to join for any sports. The lady students think that their complexion would tan if they take part in outdoor sports activities. The parents of the lady students are reluctant to send their wards for the after college hour practices, and to send their daughters to distant places for tournament. The moderate fees structure does not allow for any sort of exorbitant spending by the college. The college has to partly dependent on the donations of the sponsors.

The institutional performance in one area distinctive to its vision, priority and thrust

Continuous Socio-Legal Awareness Programmes.

Legal awareness programmes are organized in schools, colleges and rural areas to make it a law literate society.

  • Goal : India is a country of villages. More than 60% of the Indian population consists of rural population. Therefore rural areas should also progress towards development. College believes that Gandhiji’s Concept of Gram Swaraj will be achieved through effective legal awareness programme in rural areas. Therefore there is a need for educating the rural population and also making them aware of many schemes and benefits introduced by the Government for their welfare.
  • The context : India is a democratic Country, where government is for the people, of the people and by the people. We elect our representatives to govern us. Educated population will be able to elect the efficient and good representatives. Successful democracy depends upon how people participate and exercise their rights to make it healthy and developing one. In this context it is very much necessary to organize such legal awareness programmes continuously to bring awareness about the new developments in socio-economic life of the society in rural areas.
  • The Practice : The institution implements the above said practice by conducting legal awareness programmes in rural areas. Wherein we invite rural people to participate and encourage to raise issues relating to their area. The college invites NGO’s judicial officers, advocates etc as resource persons to speak on various areas like human rights, Right to education, Right to information, Environmental issues, Government schemes for rural and vulnerable groups of the society and also on importance voting rights during elections. The college conducts cleanliness programmes, voting awareness marches and also conducts door to door survey regarding availability of government welfare schemes like –old age pension, education facilities, Gram panchayat facilities etc. College also conducts legal awareness programs for youths. The final year students conduct legal aid and awareness programs for school children’s and pre-college students in and around the college.
  • The Evidence of success : Due to continuous legal awareness programmes and cleanliness drives the rural people are actively participating in all the government functions and availing benefits like free education facilities to their children, old age pensions and people are voluntarily participating in cleanliness programmes in villages .

Legal Aid And Legal Literacy Programmes:

  • Legal Awareness Programme on the topic “Cyber Crime and Cyber law in India” was conducted on 20th September 2019 for the students of Sacred Heart English Medium School, Hubballi.
  • Legal Awareness Programme on the topic “Cyber Crime and Cyber law in India” to the students of Vishwabharati Girls High School, Hubballi.was conducted on 24th September 2019.
  • Legal Awareness Programme on the topic “Cyber Crime and Cyber law in India” to the students of V.C.B. Girls High School, Hubballi.was organized on 24th September 2019.
  • Constitution Day was celebrated in our college on 26th November 2019 & our students conducted legal awareness programmes at Rotary School, HF Kattimani School, Jeeveshwar School, Lion School and City High School Hubli to mark the occasion.
  • Dr. Sharada G. Patil, Principal, Smt. Swapna Somayaji, Asst. Prof. and Mr. Jeevan Mulloli, Advocate & Founder, Jeevanshala and our alumni participated as resource persons in Legal Awareness Programme conducted at KLE Society`s S.K. Arts College, Hubballi on 18th February 2020.
  • Legal Awareness Programme was conducted at KLE College of Commerce, BVB Campus, Vidyanagar, Hubballi. Shri. C. R. Patil, Senior Advocate was the Chief guest on 26th February 2020.

Under the banner of National Service Scheme various socio legal awareness activities have been conducted.

  • Students, NSS Volunteers and staff participated in Anti Liquor rally organized in association with Anti Liquor Initiative Group, Hubballi on 7th November 2019.
  • On the eve of International Women`s Day Special Lecture on “Women empowerment” was organized on 8th March 2020. Smt. Sujata Patil, Associate Professor, KLES J.G. Commerce College, Hubballi was resource person.
  • Online Covid -19 Awareness Quiz Competition was organized for all the students and NSS volunteers on 12th May 2020.
  • Online Health Awareness Programme was conducted on 16th May 2020 by NSS Unit and Dr Devaraj Raichur was the resource person.
  • Virtual Campus Yuva Programme for Civic Awareness on Essential Citizenship Values and Life Skills for youth in association with CMCA was organized on 15th august 2020.

Smt. Geeta Salimath, Facilitator and M/s Anila Elizabath, Co-facilitator, were the resource persons. M/s Sunitha B. H. Asst.Prof. Coordinated the event.

Apart from this NSS Special Camp was organized at Bandiwad Village, Taluka Hubballi from 3rd March to 9th March 2020 to inculcate leadership qualities and to impart social belongingness amongst the students. Environment Protection and rain water harvesting awareness programme was conducted at NSS camp on 4th March 2020. Shri. B. V. Nadagouda, Rtd. Professor of Geology, Karnataka University, Dharwad was the Chief Guest.

Legal awareness and survey programme relating to registration of birth, death, motor vehicle license, marriage registration was conducted on 5th March 2020. Free Health Check up camp was organized on 6th March 2020. Dr. Akash Kembhavi and Dr. Anita Kadagad (Kembhavi), Ayurvedic Doctors from Hubballi participated in the programme. Legal Awareness programme was conducted at NSS camp on 7th March 2020. Shri. C. R. Patil, Shri. Lakshman Alagawadi, Senior Advocates, Hubballi were the Chief Guests. Women Empowerment programme was conducted to celebrate the International Women’s Day on 8th March 2020. Smt. Roopa C. Dhavalgi, Advocate Hubballi was the Chief Guest.

The problems encountered: Regarding organizing Legal Awareness Programme are concerned the college did not face any problem because the college conducts such programmes under the banner of National Service Scheme and the management supports all such activities financially. As the institution is not making any commitment, it is only to bring legal awareness among the people and to provide support to those fighting their own battles. As NSS volunteers participate voluntarily in awareness programmes, the college has not encountered any problems.