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K.L.E. Society’s Gurusiddappa Kotambri Law College, Hubballi

Maintenance Policies & Welfare Measures

Established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

Every year Local Governing Body assesses the physical, academic and support facilities of the college. As per the requirement, new facilities are provided by LGB. The maintenance of physical, academic and support facilities like building, electrical fitting, accessories, appliances, etc., are undertaken periodically by the site engineer/electric engineer appointed by the society and all software facilities are maintained and upgraded by the company by paying Annual Maintenance Charge(AMC).

  • Building: The class four employees are maintaining the Building, Computer Lab & Classrooms, etc., Scavenger services are hired for cleaning, maintaining and sanitary facilities. Plumbers are hired as & when the need arises. Office Superintendent and Principal supervises the maintenance work. The college has installed RO drinking water system.
  • Equipments: Stock Register of college equipments is maintained and verified on a regular basis. It is supervised by the office faculty once in a year.
  • Software: Software like E-pay role, Tally, e-lib, etc., are maintained and upgraded by the concerned company under the supervision of Office superintendent and Librarian.
  • Computer Lab: College provides high speed Internet and hotspot facility to access online law journals to the students and faculty. In order to ensure smooth functioning of the lab facilities, the periodical maintenance is taken care by Librarian and Office superintendent
  • Library: College has qualified librarian, Library Assistant and attender. College provides library facility to all the students and faculty to access law books, journals, e-resources and database. Library operates with a carpet area of about 1500 sq. ft. It accommodates about 50 users at a time, and houses a good collection of books, journals, equipments, and furniture. The library is visited by the good number of users every day. In order to ensure smooth functioning of the library following procedure is followed.


    A qualified Librarian is in charge of the college library. Standard and updated books on Law, Law Reports and Journals etc. are available for the use of the students and staff.

    • 1) Library Hours: The Library will be kept open from 09:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on all the working days.
    • 2) Students will be required to show their Identity Cards whenever demanded by the Library staff.
    • 3) The issue counter will be closed half an hour before the closing hour of the Library.
    • 4) Library membership card when lost, must be reported immediately in person or by telephone to the Librarian. A lost library card may be replaced by payment of Rs. 50=00 along with an undertaking that the member concerned will be responsible for any book taken on the library card.

    Other conditions for use of Library are as under:

    • a) All bonafide students are allowed admission in the library provided that the librarian may at his direction refuse admission if he considers a student either of unsound mind, intoxicated or otherwise shabbily dressed.
    • b) Every student on entering the library shall sign the gate register in token of his willingness to adhere to the rules.
    • c) Anyone caught marking, defacing or mutilating books or any other library material will be expected to pay for the material with the most current edition of the same.
    • d) The physical condition of the book should be checked while checking out. Mutilation of pages if found is to be brought to the notice of the circulation in charge otherwise the borrower himself/herself shall be responsible for the mutilation of the book if detected afterwards.
    • e) Library books and documents must be treated with honor, so that it is prohibited to underline, write notes or pull out pages there form.
    • f) Use of sound equipments like radios, walkmans, cell phones, etc. is strictly prohibited in the library.
    • g) Readers should behave in a decent dignified and civilized manner. The librarian may expel any person if the presence of such a person is likely to disturb peace and discipline.
    • h) Mobile is strictly prohibited in the library. Students have to switch off mobiles before entering the library. Students who fail to adhere to the above rules will be punished with a fine of Rs. 500/-


    • Each student has to obtain a Borrower’s Ticket and Identity Card from the librarian, which will be issued on production of admission receipt.
    • Students who have cleared all their library dues are eligible to have a Borrower’s Ticket.
    • Only two books will be issued at a time for seven days on production of Borrower’s Ticket. In case of valuable book excess amount over the deposit amount shall have to be paid by the student.
    • Books issued for Home reading must be returned on or before the due date.
    • If the book is not returned to the Library when due, an overdue charge of Rs 2 per volume per day shall be levied.
    • Borrower is held responsible for any damage caused to the books and for any disfiguring or tearing of the pages. Such borrowers will be severally dealt with.
    • Any previous damage done to the book such as disfiguring or tearing away of the pages or photographs should be checked before taking the book for reading and any such thing noticed should be brought to the notice of the librarian.
    • Students who borrow books should not disfigure the books by writing their names or underlining in them or writing in the margins etc.
    • Borrowers should not sub lend the books to others.
    • Identity Card and Borrower’s Tickets are to be used as a token and should be produced at the time of borrowing books from the library.
    • Books for reference in the library will be issued on the presentation of Identity Card. The identity card will be returned when the book taken for reference is returned.
    • No book taken for reference shall be taken out of the library hall.
    • Books issued for reference in the Library must be returned before leaving the library.
    • If the book issued for reference is not returned to the issue counter before leaving the library an overdue charge of 2=00 rupees per volume per day shall be levied and further issues to such students will be suspended.
    • If any student loses his or her Identity Card, a fee of Twenty Rupees will be charged for the issue of a duplicate Identity Card.
    • If any student loses his or her Borrower’s ticket, a fee of Twenty Rupees will be charged for the issue of a duplicate ticket.
    • If a book is lost by the reader, he or she should replace it by a new book or by paying the cost of the book as per the prevailing market rate.
    • News Papers, periodicals, and magazines will not be issued for home reading.
    • Dictionaries, Reference, and rare books should be consulted in the library only and they will not be allowed to be taken outside the library.
    • At the end of the academic year or after the examinations whichever is earlier, student is required to return all the books and Borrower’s Ticket. Otherwise, his/her Caution Money and Library deposit will be liable for forfeiture.
  • Gymkhana Hall: The College is also benefitted by the K.L.E‘s Centralized PlayGround for Outdoor games and Gymkhana Hall for Indoor games. In order to ensure smooth functioning of the gymkhana following procedure is followed, Wearing shoes or sandals are not allowed on wooden shuttlecock court, keep the court and sports premises clean, do not drag the chairs and tables, eatables are not allowed, pan, cigarette, tobacco, chewing gum, etc are not allowed, The maintenance of the gymkhana hall is taken care by Physical Director
  • Office: The college office is well furnished with enough furniture, office superintendent cabin attached with separate washroom, office is provided with computer, Internet, printer, scanner, telephone and surveillance with CC camera. Office superintendent supervises the maintenance of the office
  • Moot Court Hall: College has well equipped Moot court hall for the students to develop their mooting skill and separate library facility has been given in the Moot Court Hall. The moot court hall is taken care of by the course teacher, librarian and concerned committee.
  • Legal Aid Cell: College has separate Legal Aid Cell and it is taken care of by the course teacher and concerned committee.
  • NSS Cell: NSS Programme officer takes care of the cell.
  • Website: College has hired the services of TECO BYTE Solutions to maintain website regularly.


The college ensures utmost efficiency of the staff by providing them welfare measures. The welfare measures include gratuity, Health Insurance and Provident Fund for both the teaching and non teaching staff. The non teaching staff is provided with Employment State Insurance along with other benefits. The management provides maternity and paternity benefits to its employees as per the government rules.

Following are the Welfare Schemes provided by the Institution.

  • K.L.E Vaidhyashree Health Insurance Scheme.
  • Provision for Staff Quarters.
  • Fee concessions to the children of employees who are seeking admissions for education in KLE Society‘s institutions.
  • Financial assistance and duty leave provision for attending faculty improvement programmes like Workshop, Seminar, Conference, Faculty Development Programme, etc. for both teaching and non teaching faculty.
  • Internet and wifi facility.
  • Bank and Post Office within the campus.
  • Canteen facility.
  • Provision for salary advance on need basis.